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Animal lovers playing The Sims could soon see animals in the latest Sims installment: The Sims 4. EA carried out a survey, which found players would like a Pets expansion with the game. EA may actually be working on this aspect of the game. Nothing is for sure at the moment!

In EA’s survey, there was an idea that a town be centered on just pets – nothing like The Sims 3: Pets Expansion. If the expansion is carried into The Sims 4, then pets are going to be able to adopt or produce a pet using the “Create A Sim” mode, picking between cats, horses and dogs. The Sim can give pets their own traits, train and interact with it until a connection has been created – similar to real life.

The animals can be used to produce money for the Sim, sending it work and having its own career. Some owners can train their dogs to bring various items to their bed-ridden items. Some animals have a racing competitions, sports careers, etc. Cats and dogs can be trained to make children happy, trained to hunt and do anything their owners want.

Players can also collect reptiles and fish in the amazing The Sims 4 world. If the animal does great as a pet, you can reward it with petting or food. When is it set for release? That’s not quite known, but players know a little bit on what to expect.