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Finally, Sprint has offered customers a new update for those who use Galaxy S5 and S5 Sport: the Android Marshmallow (version 6.0). On April 7, they started pushing out the update in an over-the-air fashion. The entire process is expected to be finished by May 19th, which is more than a month. So if you’re using a Galaxy S5 phone and did not receive any update yet, just be patient.

People on the online forums regarding Sprint have already created a thread on this topic. In the first post people found a new information: besides the update to the Android 6.0 version, there will also be updates regarding security for Samsung and also Google, and some bug fixes. This amount to a size of about 900 MB.

The support section on the website has also been updated according to the new updates for these types of phones. We are yet to have a changelog for the Sport update, but apparently it has the same changes like the S5.

This update represents the third version of Android that the Galaxy S5 supported throughout time, the other two being KitKat and Lollipop.

Even though the S5 is already 2 years old, that doesn’t mean people have given up on it. It will be able to adapt to the new internal memory feature available on Marshmallow, given that it has an expendable storage option. This is even better if you compare it to the S6 version, which doesn’t have this feature.

Besides this, Galaxy Note 4 also benefits this update from Sprint, following the Note 5 one. However, the update for the Note 4 is bigger, having 1.4 GB in size, and it comes together with a security patch released by Android on March 1st.