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One of the most popular game series available is Grand Theft Auto, with millions of people playing it every day.

Based on various reports, some players have seen news that GTA 5 and GTA Online is getting some type of update, currently hidden in code.

Yan2295 is a highly-respectable GTA 5 informant, and the user announced on the GTA forums that GTA’s developer Rockstar is in the process of offering three new vehicles. They’ll still be a part of the Lowriders vehicles that fans enjoy immensely. If Yan2295’s information is correct, players can customize the Tornado Custom, Minivan Custom and Sabre Turbo Custom.

There are a number of rumors claiming there’s going to be two new GTA 5 Adversary models – set for release April 2016. Their names include “Inch by Inch” and “In and Out”. A code in the game means Rockstar is likely to release a new car each for during April.

Since these vehicles are in the game’s code, chances are high that they’ll be released without an update to 1.18 for GTA 5 and 1.34 for GTA Online. If three vehicles are released in April, GTA Online stays at version 1.33 and GTA 5 stays at version 1.17.

Of course, Rockstar hasn’t made any confirmations yet, which why any news should be taken with a grain of salt. If there is any news, Rockstar is bound to announce it during April.