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Recently Netflix has announced that the monthly price for the users who live in UK will raise. This adjustment will start at the beginning of May 2016, and will change a price of £5.99 (for a Standard package) to £7,49 if people still want to keep some features, such as HD quality or multiple screen watching. If not, they would still pay £5.99.

This change in the famous company’s pricing comes after prices in the US rose too, with almost 2 dollars.

But who will be affected?

This change will only come into effect for users who subscribed to the Standard package. Currently, Netflix has a Basic package that costs £5.99, but that doesn’t include neither HD viewing, nor multiple screen watching. They also have the Standard package, which includes the two features mentioned above for £7.49. The Premium option costs more, £8.99, and it lets you log in on four devices, plus it offers 4K quality view.

People who initially subscribed to Netflix received a Standard package, but for the price of a Basic one. As such, instead of paying £7.49 for Standard (with HD and 2 screens), these old customers paid only £5.99. A spokesman says that up until now the company kept this price as a way of thanking the users for their fidelity and choice. However, during this month, they will have to pay the same prices as the rest of the members.

Those who will be affected will surely be notified by email and in the service, Netflix announced, so that there will be no surprise for anybody. Also, they will have enough time to decide which type of service they would like to keep for what price. Throughout its development, Netflix first announced the raise in the US in 2014.