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Minecraft is one of the most used mobile games out there and it is available on mobile devices, consoles and desktop computers. Today we’re going to talk about a new Minecraft version that has been released, which finally brings the “true” cross-platform multiplayer to this awesome game.

We remind you that in September 2015, Mojang has released an option that allows the Minecraft players on Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS to play together in multiplayer. However, in order to do this, they had to be connected to the same local network.

With other words, this option was quite limited, because in order to play Minecraft with a friend of yours via the cross-platform multiplayer, you had to be near to each other (in order to be connected to the same local connection).

Well, this is finally going to change, as Mojang has confirmed that the cross-platform play for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and iOS is finally coming to Minecraft Realms.

With other words, from now on, you will be able to play Minecraft with your friends via Minecraft Realms (no matter if you run the game on Android and the other person(s) run it on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone OS). However, keep in mind that Minecraft Realms is a subscription based hosting service, which means that in order to rent a server from Mojang, you will need to pay 8 dollars per month, but if you and 2-3 or more friends want to play together, you will be able to divide that sum and purchase just a server where you will be able to play.

In addition, the server will be up 24/7, which means that even if the one who owns the server is not online, you will still be able to join the server and play the game with your other friends.