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Minecraft has received its latest update, offering up the typical fixes. However, some reports have revealed that the new update has left some players with a connectivity issue – unable to connect to their realms.

Simultaneously, Minecraft 1.9.2 offers “toughness” stats, meaning that it’s worth developing diamond armor. This means many more players are likely to work on the diamond armor so that they can defend themselves against the various disgusting creates the game has to offer.

According to Mojang, the latest updates has improvements in both memory and performance along with command blocks from the custom maps. This means things will behave in a better way, which is sure to be seen in long sequences that are set up at every moment.

What Other Changes Can Players See With Minecraft 1.9.2 Version?

  • Addition of Elytra sound effects
  • Improvement in AI
  • Improvement in entity selectors
  • Hoopers can pull items from blocked chests
  • Loop tablets can work in dispensers and droppers

Minecraft fans are sure to be happy with the latest improvement this version of the game brings with it.

Bear in mind players, Mojang is constantly working with the game, asking players to report issues or bugs they come across. This will help developers come up with a fix as quickly as possible. The company said if there is no report of bugs coming in, there’s no way they can fix the problem.  Therefore, players are encouraged to report problems they come across during game play.