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Minecraft lovers, rejoice! This very popular game has recently received a new update for consoles! For PS3, PS4 and PS Vita lovers, it’s called version 1.25. For Xbox 360 it’s TU34 and for Wii U it’s Patch 4. This update is currently in process of being spread around, so if you didn’t find it until now, it’s very possible that you see it downloading automatically next time you want to play.

What’s bad is the fact that it doesn’t come with lots of features. It does indeed add some support for additional skins, but what it does is mostly fixing some bugs. We are still far away from the big update, Combat one.

Whenever Minecraft updates on your console, you think you’re going to get something good for the game. However, when you Google it and see it’s a small update that focuses only on fixing bugs, you can’t help feeling a small disappointment. Well, this time it won’t be any different. What you will going to get here are indeed some trophies (achievements on Xbox) and a new skin pack Story Mode. Besides this, the team has fixed some problems that existed with potions and slime spawning bugs. All in all, it is indeed an improvement for the game, but in the end we have to agree that it’s just another stability update more than anything else.

Even so, we should have expected this, give than the last important update, the 1.8.8 version which brought Ocean Monuments, red deserts and loooots of other features, is not that old. The update created some gap between the PC version and the console one, as some expected.

The Combat update, which is anxiously expected all around the world, will present us with revamps of combat and mining (you can hold 2 things in your hands) and of the endgame. The End will be filled with End Cities, new monsters, artifacts and chorus trees, for instance.