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With the release of the iPad Pro 12.9 on the market, the number of iPads to choose from keeps on growing, which is both a boon and a bane. It’s good because it provides users a lot of options, and gives Apple different revenue sources. It’s bad because it makes it difficult to choose exactly which iPad would work best for you.

Well, you could always read gadget reviews, such as the iPad 9.7 Pro review, to help you make a decision. But be prepared to read 5 reviews, so far.

Let’s make our lives easier. Use a comparison chart that is devoid of bias opinions or blatant dislike, and only list down the features you want to know about. Speaking of which, you should make a checklist of what you expect from your next iPad.

  • Do you want it small and easy to handle?
  • Do you prefer something with a bigger screen display?
  • Will you base your purchase on the storage capacity?
  • Are you more concerned about the price?

Making a checklist will help narrow down your options.

iPad Comparison Chart

ipad-comparison-chart (1)

Based on the chart use your checklist to find the best iPad.

  • Small and easy to handle = iPad mini 2
  • Bigger display screen = 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • Huge storage capacity = 12.9-inch iPad Pro / 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Of course, if you choose a device based on the price, the smaller the storage capacity the less expensive it is. The choice is really up to you.