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The Windows 10 first birthday is approaching fast and it seems that Microsoft will release an update for its latest Windows OS, which will come with many new features and options.

Today we’re going to mention a few features that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will come with. Until its arrival, which will happen in July, new features will be brought to this update.

Bash shell

Bash Shell will surely be a feature that will make all the developers very happy. Microsoft has teamed up with Canonical, the organization that’s behind the Ubuntu Linux, in order to bring the Bash shell to Windows 10 OS.

Virtual Desktop Pins

Windows 10 OS has been released with virtual desktops, but it seems that Microsoft is now adding pins to them. With other words, you will be able to run a specific application to all the virtual desktops. This is very useful, as most of us create 2-3 virtual desktops, but we want all of them to run the same Firefox application. This way, you will be able to keep the browser/webpage open on all virtual desktops.

Dark theme

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will also bring a new dark theme for the users who think that the “stock” Windows 10 OS is too bright. You will be able to find this theme in Settings->Personalization->Colors.

Microsoft Edge: Extensions

Microsoft is finally bringing the extension support to its Edge browser. When the extensions will be released for Microsoft Edge, you will be able to install them directly from the Windows Store.

Connect App

The new Connect App will allow you to connect your smartphone to your PC wirelessly via the Windows 10 Mobile Continuum feature. With other words, you will not need anymore a dock or a Miracast adapter.

What are your thoughts about the features that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will come with?

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