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WhatsApp’s developers are usually releasing new updates for Android, even two or three times a day, when they find bugs that need to be fixed. This time, they made happy the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users by releasing WhatsApp 2.6.10, a public update that can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

This public update contains only bug fixes and performance improvements. Users will find it easier to write messages because the font size can be changed across the app’s UI. Many users will appreciate this minor novelty because they’ll optimize the use of the screen of their mobile device. Another change refers to the possibility to adjust pixels per inch within Settings.

This comes after the introduction of end-to-end encryption for messages and voice calls, which means that only the sender and recipient will have access to the message, based on an encryption key that will be known only by the two parts. Recently, the Windows Phone version has received two other new features. Users can trim videos before sending them and they can send and receive PDFs, in addition to images and videos.

Unfortunately, the option to send bold, italic or strike through text is still not available for Windows Phone, as this feature has been added only to Android and iOS, but soon, the developers will bring it to this platform, as well.

We remind you that videos are automatically resized, making it easier to pick larger videos to send, plus you have the possibility to choose incoming media to photos app only for specific chats in contact info or group info, and you can send a file to a broadcast list when forwarding or sharing it.

If your device is running on Windows Phone 7.1, we suggest you to buy a new one, because by the end of this year, this operating system will no longer be supported.

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