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The official store for Android devices is the Google Play Store, which offers more than 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies.

However, did you know that the Google Play Store app has a cracked version?

ChelpuS cracked the 6.3.16B version of the Play Store, and some of the features seen in the app include:

  • Can add NFC-enabled credit cards without problems
  • Can copy descriptions and alter application/game logs
  • Updated user interface
  • Can use Family Sharing and Gifting
  • Paid apps are not free to download any longer
  • Disabled self-updating
  • Reworked refund button
  • Numerous bugs have been repaired

Installation Of Google Play Store 6.3.16B

If users want to install the 6.3.16B version onto their devices, they have to ways this can be done:

Patched Google Play Store

With this method, users must install the “Lucky Patcher” and start it up. Once open, they’ll need to do the following steps, hit Menu, Patch to Android, and hit both “Disable Zip Signature Verify” and Signature Verify Always True”. Once done, these changes should be applied.

The device will need to be shut down and then turned back on. Users will need to reopen the Lucky Patcher and ensure the patch took. Once done, they can download the file and install it.

Xposed Installer

In order to attain the cracked version of Google Play store, you need both the installation of the Lucky Patcher and Xposed Installer. Enable the “Lucky Patcher Module and restart your Android device. Once done, open up the Lucky Patcher, choose options, then Xposed Settings and choose “Enable All”.