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Clash of Clans has been upgraded many times in the past years, but players always find a way to cheat in Clan Wars. Even if War matchmaking has been improved and there were fixed many bugs, the problem with cheaters doesn’t seem to find a solution. In this article, we’ll teach you how to spot Clan War cheaters and how to deal with them.

Supercell has brought big changes with the December Clash of Clans update, but the developers got rid only of the bots that were keeping the game online non stop, so that players couldn’t get attacked while they were sleeping or doing other things. However, Clan War cheats haven’t been solved and they’re frustrating fair players who discovered many Asian clans who cheat the most.

Usually, cheaters have tools that work once an attack is started, and within a few seconds, their tools will save information and reveal important information, such as where Hidden Tesla’s are located, what’s inside the Clan Castle or where all traps and bombs are located.

So, if you’ve been in a 25v25 Clan War, when the war started and the #20-25 all attacked the best 1-10 players from your Clan, you’ve most likely noticed that the rivals dropped some arches or barbarians, waited a few seconds and suddenly, they ended the attack, it means that cheaters wanted to obtain information, because later, after the war was over, a higher level player started attacking your bases and defeated you by avoiding all traps. You were wondering how that was possible and you couldn’t understand why your base was destroyed so easily!

Another method of cheating, which doesn’t involve dropping troops or wasting attacks is by uploading base designs into software and running attack after attack in a test until finding the perfect attack strategy. Then, before the timer expires, the cheater’s Clan attacks at once and each Clan member gets three stars or above 90 percent, which is not cool at all.

The only thing a fair player can do in this situation is to contact Supercell by tapping the three gears “Settings” icon located next to the bottom right and click the “Contact Us” or “Help & Support” option. You will give the cheater’s name and the developers will ban him.