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According to numerous reports, Rockstar has begun development of GTA 6, and players will see some dreams they’ve had come true:

  • Larger map
  • Combats that are more realistic
  • Additional apartments to purchase
  • Female character

These are just some changes that could be seen with the next game installment.

In September 2013, GTA 5 was released on PC and Sony’s PS3 and PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It’s thought that GTA 6 will be available for sale when the next generation of consoles is release – Xbox Two and PS5. They could be released sometime between 2018 and 2020.

What Are Some Of The Things Players Can See With GTA 6

Larger Map

Players want to explore new locations – larger cities, and according to various sources, Rockstar is thinking about using Tokyo has the game setup. However, this means changing brand and car types and could be complicated. Some fans have requested cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston or Hong Kong.  Whatever they decide on, the game is going to benefit with the larger map.

New Characters

GTA offers players three personalities to play – Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Should the rumors hold true, a female character could be introduced and played by Eva Mendes. Rockstar said time and again that a female character is not ever going to be introduced. Still, developers are looking to bring in new characters.

Investment In More Structures/Buildings

If players have the money, they would like to purchase more mansions or posh apartments. And, they want to also purchase buildings to ruin them. Players would like to personalize these newly bought apartments, decorating it to their tastes.

More Realistic and Violent Battles

GTA is riddled with gangster culture, and it’s all about using weapons and stealing cars in the attempt to allude authorities. Developers should consider adding in other weapons like swords, flame throwers and baseball bats. They should also improve the punching of innocent people, as it has yet to change since the third installment of GTA.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting. There’s not been a lot of evolvement in this area since GTA 3. Players should be able to do light combs and use various fighting styles.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for the following devices: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox 360. The chance for GTA 6 could be years away.