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20 years ago saw the release of the first Pokémon game ever. The idea came from Tajiri around the early 1990s after the Gameboy launched its handheld video game device. In the beginning, Pokémon was regarded as a role-playing game with elements of a strategy.  However, the game’s popularity soared and led to players determined to collect the fictional characters, to train them and send them into battle.

It won’t be too much longer that Pokémon will get another game to its long list of creations – Pokémon Z, which is sure to be a continuation of both X and Y. However, it’s not liable to be released before the next set of Pokémon Games: Sun and Moon.

According to Christian Times, Pokémon Z is still in the development stage and will likely be released sometime next year. Pokémon Sun and Moon games, which were created by Game Freak and is set for release by The Pokémon Company, are going to make their debuts sometime in 2016… in celebration of the 20th anniversary and is going to be available for the Nintendo 3DS game console.

Information from Kotaku and IGN said the games will include a fire engine, pickup truck and ambulance, and will allow players to purchase items from the Pokémon Bank. Pokémon characters that were caught in the previous games – X and Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and the virtual console version Yellow, Red and Blue can be used in the latest Pokémon games.

Little is known about Pokémon Z, but it’s bound to have monsters from the X and Y games – those versions were announced in January 2013 but released in October.  They were the first Nintendo-published retail games to get a worldwide release for the important regions.  In those games, it’s a young trainer who lives in the Kalos region. Here, the player will battle and attempt to defeat Team Flare, which is criminal organization that sends creatures into battle at the Pokémon League Champion.