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A comparison of the Nexus 6P to the Galaxy S7 Edge shows that it’s not near as powerful, as it was offered for sale in the fall of 2015. Does this mean it’s a weak device in comparison? Not at all! The reality is what users need from the device depends on which one they should purchase.

If users like to stay on top of the newest technology, then they need to purchase the Galaxy S7 Edge.  If users don’t care for the newest gadgets, then the Nexus 6P may be best for them.

Galaxy S7 Edge Features

With the latest Samsung Galaxy Edge model, users get an amazing design: – 5.5-inch curved quad HD display, Samsung Pay, wireless charging, microSD card slot, 4GB of RAM, 12MP primary camera, battery of 3600 mAh and Sanpdragon 820 processor. It’ll run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Galaxy S7 Edge does have the IP68 certification.

Nexus 6P Features

For the Nexus 6P, users get a 5.7-inch quad display, front-facing speakers, primary camera of 12M, battery capacity of 3450 mAh and 3GB of RAM. This device will run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and get the Android N OS as well. In fact, it’ll get it faster than other devices Samsung manufactures.

It doesn’t offer any expendable storage or wireless charges, and it doesn’t come with IP68 certification, which may turn some potential buyers away.

Whatever a user’s choice is, Samsung is a highly-recognized and reliable manufacturer. If price is a major factor, the Nexus 6P is going to be the preferred smartphone.