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On July 29, 2015, Minecraft released its Windows 10 Edition, which runs on the Windows 10 platform and is an adaptation of its Minecraft Pocket Edition. Basically, the games have the same features, but there are some new additional and may be played via the VR headsets like HoloLens.

The cost is $9.99 from the Windows Store – whether it’s played on a mobile device or computer. According to various reports, Minecraft will offer a new update.

After Microsoft decided to buy Minecraft, the game attained numerous new features for Xbox, PS4 consoles and Windows 10 (desktop). Now, developers are putting their attention toward the mobile edition. Therefore, the Minecraft Pocket Edition can be seen on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android, and the game lets players use items known as mods and command blocks, which provide an extensive game customization on mobile devices.

Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten said users that use the command blocks means new Minecraft rules can be added such as teleportation to other areas in the virtual world, getting a powerful sword, putting them in prison, etc. He said developers are trying to minimize how much time is spent for the user to do the gamepad and touch, as that’s what the biggest complaint is for users playing.

Bergensten said the team will develop a system that support modding on other platforms, and it’s looking at its options. There was no mention from the lead developer about when the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition upgrades would be available.

If there are mods, it would be interesting to see what features are brought in. Would players fly dragons? Will the graphics get an upgrade?