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Clash of Clans’ Clan Wars has recently celebrated its second year anniversary, and there’s definitely plenty to celebrate. About a month leading up to the second anniversary of Clan Wars, mobile game developer Supercell has reported a revenue of $2.3 billion and an income of $913 million for 2015. This showed a 37% increase in sales from 2014.

The company may have experienced a momentary snail’s pace in sales growth, but catapulted when Clash of Clans was released in China in 2015.

To celebrate the anniversary, players received a double Clan XP from Wars for a week. Players can use it to strengthen their clan, and make it more effective when facing the enemies. Anyone who wants to get twice as much Clan XP only need to participate in any wars during the anniversary week.

But not everyone is happy during the second year celebration, as fans encountered bugs after the recent updates. Just when they thought they can put the March update fails behind, some problems still persist.

Town Hall 11

Clash of Clans players have voiced out their complaints about Town Hall 11, but game developers have yet to fix the problem. Like really fix the problem. Supercell rolled out numerous optional updates, but nothing that really hits the issue right on the face.

Lags and bugs

Recent update of the Clash of Clans provided some really nice features. Unfortunately, they came with lags and bugs. Players complained about incompatibility issues with last month’s update. It was also revealed that Supercell made a mistake of setting the healer’s heal rates at 70%.

Supercell has reportedly fixed some of the bugs that affected Clash of Clans matchmaking, notifications, health point of Valkyrie, health rates of the healer, and traps.

Following the update:

  • Matchmaking for clans has been tweaked
  • Notifications on multiple devices are now working properly
  • Valkyrie’s health points have been decreased
  • Healing rates on heroes are now working normally
  • Traps can now be activated by game heroes

In addition, the new update came with Bowler, a new Dark Elixir troop that can be unlocked at Town Hall level 10.

But people are still unhappy about the fixes and updates, saying game developers still missed a lot of problems. And Supercell knows about this. Otherwise, they won’t announce that an optional update is in the works. We can only hope that the next tide of updates will fix the issues once and for all. Watch out for the updates on Google Play Store.