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Is there such thing as the perfect operating system? If there is, Windows 10 is definitely not one of them. People have come to expect Microsoft operating systems to have problems, but the latest offering is fraught with issues.

On the upside, the company tries to provide solutions as quickly as the bug starts to crawl out. But this doesn’t mean people are happy.

Irritating Windows 10 problems

  1. Lack of DVD player

You can’t play DVDs on Windows 10. That is, there is no available free application integrated into the operating system. You would have to download a third-party DVD player to do so. Although there is an overflowing choice of free software, it’s still annoying that Microsoft removed the DVD player. Windows 7 used to have one, and it was a good operating system too.

  1. Start menu doesn’t work

There are times when the start menu doesn’t work or the start button itself does not respond. A simple restart could fix the problem, but not all the time. When this happens, you need to wear your tech-savvy hat and do some serious fixing. But what if you don’t have a tech-savvy hat?

  1. Automatic updates

You’ve probably been told to update your drivers regularly to ensure hardware and applications would run smoothly. The problem with the Windows 10 automatic update is that you may be interrupted more times than you would want. Worse, some of the updates come with bugs. It is best that you change the settings where Windows gets the update, but you get to choose whether or not to install them.

  1. Blue Screen of Death

This is probably the most annoying error. And the :-( emoticon on the blue screen is definitely appropriate. Look it up, and Microsoft will tell you that there’s nothing to worry about, and the problem will fix itself. Sure. It’s not like your time wasn’t wasted, and that you’re likely to lose the work you’ve been doing. Makes you feel like tearing your hair off, hitting someone or screaming “Death!”

  1. Activation failed

Even if you updated from a genuine Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, there’s still a possibility that the operating system would not activate automatically. It’s a rarity, but it still happens. And when you can’t activate Windows 10, you won’t be able to personalize your desktop.

How do you activate Windows 10 then? You may need to wipe out Windows 7 or 8 first, and then do a fresh install. If that fails, activate by phone. Not a very good option, if you ask me.

If you don’t experience problems with your Windows 10, consider yourself lucky. Because issues with this operating system is real and just waiting to pounce.