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The WhatsApp application has received a new end-to-end encryption feature, which will make sure that the messages you send on this application will never get in the “hands” of a hacker. This was confirmed on the WhatsApp official website, where the developers said that they provide a secure line of messages for all 1 billion users that this application has.

The end-to-end encryption means that the messages you send via this application can be read only by the sender and the recipient and nobody else in between (not even the admins of WhatsApp). However, it is good to know that WhatsApp has started to integrate this new security protocol to its application since 2015, but it completed on delivering it to all WhatsApp platforms on April 5, 2016.

Once you update your WhatsApp application, you will get notified while you’re on the conversation screen about the new feature. According to a member of the management team of “Open Whisper System”, this in-app notification was added so that the users will get informed about the transition to signal protocol.

It is good to know that once a client will recognize a contact as being able to use end-to-end encryption, it will not permit plaintext to that contact (even if that contact will downgrade to a version of software that is not fully supporting end-to-end encryption). This was made especially so that a hacker group will not be able to perform a “downgrade” attack.

Open Whisper System has confirmed that end-to-end encryption will also be added to other messaging applications in the near future. So, it’s just a matter of time until we will see it on more popular messaging applications. We’re pretty sure that anyone who is using the WhatsApp application will feel that his/her messages are more secure.

What are your thoughts about the end-to-end encryption?

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