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A smaller version of the iPad Pro, the 9.7 inch tablet was announced recently. We will show you the biggest differences between the iPad Pro 9.7 inches and the 12.9 inches one, so that you will know which one to choose.

Differences at first sight

The biggest difference that you can observe right away is, of course, the size of the display, the newest tablet being significantly smaller. But, the good news is that because it’s smaller, it’s also $200 cheaper.

If you’re an everyday user, then the 9.7-inch Pro is the most suitable for you, while the 12.9-inch one is better for artists, as they can see more details on the screen.

Differences in Design

When talking about design, both tablets are basically the same. They both have a multitouch Retina display and they both come in silver, gold and space gray. The difference is that the 9.7 inch also comes in an additional rose gold.

Differences in Features

Again, both of them have Touch ID, Apple Pay, Siri and a long battery life, but the new iPad Pro 9.7 inch has some additional features, such as: it takes better pictures with a 12 megapixel camera, compared to the 8 megapixels that the 12.9 has,  it shoots better videos, and it has a brighter disply thanks to the True Tone feature.

Differences in Price

If until now we talked about functionality, now let’s talk some money! Being smaller, the 9.7 inches is, of course, cheaper. Its starting price is $599, while the 12.9 inch starts at $799. The price can go up, depending on the storage space you want; the bigger, the more expensive.

You will also find in the box a Lightning-to-USB cable and a USB power adapter.

So, right now you’re ready to  pick your tablet!