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GTA 6 – Back to the Future?People are talking a lot about the new GTA 6, and one of the most often asked questions is related to the city where it will take place. Another poignant question is when it will be set. Will it be a modern-time game or will it travel back in time like the previous Vice City?

Some specialists say that there is a high chance that the new GTA game will go back in time, though they are not sure how far back. Given the fact that the game is currently being developed, it shouldn’t take long for the developers from Rockstar to make public some information regarding this installment.

In April, there have been some speculations regarding the completion of the map-building stage for GTA 6. There are rumors concerning a job position opened by Rockstar North for the position of a mission or technical scripter. And this can only mean that they are in the stage of storytelling details for the new GTA game. Even though the executives have shown signs of not releasing the game, it appears that the development of the game is growing, and in this case, we should only have to wait around 3 years according to the schedule for releasing GTA 6.

However, there is no information regarding a certain location for the story play. Analysts certainly say that it won’t happen overseas, but many people assume that the developers are oscillating between Bogota and Las Vegas. Another very interesting discussion regarding the possibilities for the next GTA game is centered on the fact that it will be available for VR on most platforms, including PC and PS4, but not for Xbox One. This shows that Rockstar is a professional company that tries to keep up with the latest technology.