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Supercell is a famous company known for its Clash of Clans, which is currently one the most played strategy games on mobile devices. Well, the company has released at the beginning of this year a cards game, such as Hearthstone, and it named it Clash Royale. The game was inspired from Clash of Clans game and this is the reason why it became quite popular in just a few months after its released date.

Now, Supercell has written a new article on its blog, saying how the Clash Royale is ready to be a competition type of game. However, this is not a surprise, as the company has already organized a competition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on April 16, 2016.

We have some good news for the Clash Royale fans, as Supercell is planning to bring a “live spectating” feature that will be added thanks to an upcoming update. By using this feature, the players will be able to spectate live Clash Royale games.

It seems that Supercell is trying to give anyone a chance to win this competition, as according to the company, any player that knows this game will have a real chance to win it.

It is good to know that the “Live Spectating” feature will be available to Friendly Battles in the coming update. However, we think that the developer should consider making the “Live Spectating” available for random matches between top-ranked players. This way, the new players will be able to learn some tricks from some players that know this game very well.

Unfortunately, Supercell didn’t confirm yet when the update will be released, but according to rumors, it should happen sometime before the end of April 2016. The Clash Royale game is currently available on Android and iOS as a free-to-play game.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming “Live Friendly Match Spectating” feature that this game will receive? Will you use it in order to view your friend playing against other players?