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Supercell has released the Clash of Clans March update a week ago and it continued to beautify this project. The optional update for CoC was released for both Android and iOS and it brought visual enhancements and bug fixes, pleasing the players who were frustrated because they weren’t able to differentiate the levels of the air defense buildings.

Supercell is aware of all the problems that appear in Clash of Clans and it solves them immediately, released new updates very often. The latest update is an optional one and it brings an important visual makeup of the defense units, so that the players will know what’s the level of each air defense unit, and a fix for the “crash when pressing cancel” issue that occurred in War base edit mode. Other adjustments were made to the new and old stars in War Events screen, and now, they will be easily read.

Clash of Clans players have been tricked with a funny April Fools’ Day hoax, after Supercell has published a calendar with characters in swim suits and the funniest image was about a Hog wearing a swim suit and leaning on his Rider, which was wearing also a similar swim suit.

There were some complaints from the CoC players related to the Town Hall 11, but Supercell hasn’t fixed them yet, and they also reported that the game was stopping in the middle of the battle between clans. However, the developers have fixed some of the bugs related to heal rates of the healer, matchmaking issues, traps that are not activated by the heroes, health points of Valkyrie and CoC notifications. But it is good to know that a new Dark Trooper has been released for Town Hall 10 and that there’s a new battle hog level.

Android users can download the new optional update from the Google Play store, while iOS players will find it on App store.