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Google is thinking about the people who are experiencing a physical disability, and wants to ease their suffering, by adjusting Android in a way that it can be used by this slice of the population. There are already a few accessibility options in the previous versions of Android, but the upcoming Android N will bring even more.

Android N will bring Vision Settings, an option that will allow users to adjust font size, display size, to configure magnification gesture and TalkBack. This feature can be found on the Welcome screen, so that users can easily set up their devices.

Google will bring these accessibility features to its Chromebooks via ChromeVox, an operating system that helps people with visual impairments to navigate these laptops using speech-to-text technology. Google has also released a new version for users who need Braille keyboards, so completely blind people will navigate easier. This feature isn’t new, but an update is always welcome.

Google Docs allows now users to write and edit documents using their voice. This was possible through a partnership between Google and Freedom Scientific and soon, more applications will support voice commands.

Other features that are expected to arrive on Android N are:

– Number-blocking in the default SMS application, the default phone application and for provider applications, which will read or write to the blocked-number list;

– Call Screening with three options: Reject the incoming call / Do not allow the call to the call log / Do not show the user a notification for the call;

– Direct Boot will improve phone’s startup times by letting registered applications to have limited functionality after the device is rebooted unexpectedly.

– Project Svelte Background Optimizations will minimize RAM use, by optimizing the way applications run in the background.

Currently, Android N Developer Preview is tested on some of Google’s Nexuses, but this program will be extended soon to other OEMs.