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People who’ve recently updated their Adobe Flash Player have been fortunate enough to install version, fixing the 18 major vulnerabilities. However, it doesn’t and won’t solve all the vulnerabilities, which means Adobe will have to continue releasing patches until Flash Player is no longer used.

This isn’t going to happen though. Adobe Flash Player is just getting another name, from Flash Professional CC software to Animate CC. Why the name change?

In a recent blog post, they said developers realized many websites were ditching and going with HTML5 Content Creator. This means Adobe realized users have had enough when it comes to security issues and crashes and don’t want anything to do with any of it. Adobe’s solution was to come up a rename for its Flash Professional CC.

According to the statement, more people are using HTML5 and open web standards. And. Because of that, the Adobe team has started to rewrite the tool – ground up, giving some support to WebGL and HTML Canvas. The flexibility is enjoyed by Adobe customers. Nearly a third of the material generated in Flash Professional CC is actually HTML5-based, going beyond one billion devices around the world.

Adobe said in order to be the best premier animation tool for open web and more, it updated its name.

Adobe Animate CC will be unveiled at the start of next year, with an array of features like 360-degree rotatable canvas, vector art brushes, easier audio syncing, colored onion skilling, etc. Users will also be able to export videos with customized resolutions and more. It’ll be offered on many platforms support such as Flash (SWF), custom platforms, HTML5 Canvas, etc.

While Flash will have a new name, Adobe will still need to deal with all the security issues that led to users ditching it. Due to the problems with it, Amazon warned its advertisers about using Flash ads. As more and more developers ditch Adobe, it means huge losses for the software developer. Giving Flash a new name is a show of desperation but is unlikely to have any big impact.