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There are more than 800 million active Facebook users, sending roughly 9.5 billion pictures each day to their friends – whether they’re logging onto the website or through the app. When users go to Facebook via its official page, it’s not that great of an experience. However, secret codes and dedicated browser windows ensures the app can be addicting.

How can users love Facebook’s Messenger?

Play Games With Codes

If users want to play chess with another person they’re in a conversation with, they just need to type in @fbchess. If directions are needed for the game, users can type in @fbchess help. If a user loves basketball, then basketball emoji can be used in the conversation.

Need A Car? Call It

Facebook Messenger is integrated with Lyft and Uber apps. Users who need a car can tap “…” close to the text box and pick Transportation. They’ll need to sign into their account. Uber has a small car icon under its text box. When tapped, the Request Ride map appears. From that, users are given two options: uber XL or uberX. Choose one, the destination and hit Request.

Carrying Out Transactions

If a person needs to make a transaction to somebody, they can pay via their debit card through Messenger. This done by typing in “…” icon near the text-entry box and choosing Payments. When the transaction is being made, a user can add a theme to it – there are six to choose from – by swiping to the left.

Pinning The Group Conversations

Pinning group conversations allows users to know what’s going on. To do this, users hit Pin at the top left-hand side, choose the group to pin and name it, if they want.

Quieting Conversations

If a group a user is in is too noisy – too many conversations taking place – there’s the mute button to help. It allows users to stay in the group without the constant notifications of when the group’s conversations go on. To quiet a group on a user’s side down, they just need to hit the group’s name in the message and choose Notifications and then Mute in the drop-down menu.

Editing Pictures

Facebook gives people the ability to add text or draw on pictures before they send it to friends. The photo icon is located under the text box. In order to customize the photo, users will need to tap and choose the photo they want to customize. After that, they need to touch edit and add text to it. They can choose the pen icon at the bottom right and add things to the mustache. Bear in mind that the process will only work with photos chosen by swiping.