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As it turns out, Android 6.0 Marshmallow – the latest Google operating system – has been reported working on several smartphones belonging to various international and local brands and it is very possible for the O.S to soon get the next update on numerous phone brands.

Meanwhile, other phone lines are still waiting for the first update as it is carrier dependent.

South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 receives second update of Android Marshmallow sometime this week, while users in European countries, Canada and the United States will soon get it as well.

The carriers wants to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 next week, they are includes AT&T (US), Telus, Bell, T-Mobile USA, Rogers for Canada. Unfortunately,  Samsung Galaxy Note 4, will not get the update in the U.S. just yet.

Other Samsung Galaxy Phones -Note Edge and S5 – will soon roll out the O.S, as Edge already has the Wi-Fi upgrade to Android 6.0 while S5 is seen in a paper for Android 6.0’s Wi-Fi testing, acording to Slash Gear. Along with the Samsung phones, OnePlus and LG will also get the upgrade. Verizon has already rolled it out since March and AT&T will also roll it soon but they have yet to release an official date.

Des Smith, T-Mobile product man has revealed that the new LG V10 users needs to get the update next week and that will get better battery performance, receive numerous fixes and has more control over notifications among other things.

As for OnePlus, it was confirmed that it will be  receiving the latest Android 6.0 M-based Cyanogen OS 13 from today. Some already gets OTA update. However, the update will not get out to all users, as Cyanogen OS 13 will only be accessible to some at first – and to others later – and it will give them access to Google Now on Tap, Doze Mode, app permissions and to many other perks.