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Minecraft is without any doubts one of the most played games out there. The game is available for desktop computers, mobile devices and consoles. Well, it seems that we have some good news for the Wii U owners, as, according to reports, the Minecraft game will be soon released on disc in retail stores, all over the world.

We remind you that the Minecraft: Wii U version has been released on December 17, 2015 on Nintendo’s online store. According to reports, the Minecraft: Wii U disc version will be sold for 30 dollars, but you will also be able to purchase skin packs from Nintendo’s Online Store.

We’re pretty sure that the Minecraft fans have already bought this game digitally, but a true fan will also purchase the DISC version of the game, just to have it in his collection. Nintendo has also confirmed that they’ve been working with Mojang on bringing its own unique theme packs. We’re pretty sure that the new theme packs that will be exclusively for Minecraft: Wii U will be highly influenced by the games and characters that Nintendo has created.

According o Nintendo Life, the Minecraft: Wii Edition update comes with multiple benefits. First of all, it fixes the issue regarding the Swamps and the Ender Dragon. At the same time, it comes with “Minecart Sounds” option to the Audio Settings, but it also supports the Wii Classic Controllers. With other words, players can use improved sprint control and enjoy all the features that this game comes with.

Have you installed the Minecraft game on your Wii U console yet? Will you purchase the DISC (retail) version of the game once it will be hit the stores or you will just keep the digital version of the game, which you already own?