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A while ago, Microsoft’s Chris Darla has surprised the Rocket League fans, by saying that the game will be played on both Xbox One and PC, but he also added that the game will be open to cross-network play with “other console and PC networks.” It was easily to realize that Microsoft was talking about PS4 and PSN and Agostino Simonetta, Microsoft’s European head of ID@Xbox, is assuring us that the company is ready to use this technology.

Agostino Simonetta told Eurogamer that “As far as we’re concerned – we’ve made the announcement and we’re ready – whoever wants to get on board. It remains an open invitation to any network that wants to do the same.”

Now, we’re just waiting for this to happen, especially that Sony is no stranger to cross network. However, it all depends on the developer, and Psyonix, the creator of Rocket League, was very interested in collaborating with Microsoft. Simonetta also said that Microsoft isn’t forcing developers to release games for this platform or to update them to include cross-network play, but he specified that “any title that wants to launch soon and take advantage of that, we are ready.”

Sony is currently riding big waves because it has a large multiplayer base in the console world and the PS 4 is very successful because people have friends who are playing with it and want to join the network. So, it’s not sure if Sony will accept Microsoft’s offer, but Simonetta is hoping to convince its former employee to take the deal.

It would be great for the gaming fans if the walls between online gaming networks would be broken down, because this would boos sales figures for both Microsoft and Sony, and a cross-platform partnership between the two companies is really needed, but it’s unlikely to happen in 2016.