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We know that Apple users have been anxious to receive the official jailbreak for iOS 9, and now it all seems to be happening in 2016, all thanks to Pangu and Taig! Mainly because of Apple’s stringent features, the jailbreak is scheduled to be released in the late 2016.

During last year, no hacking group released any jailbreak tool for the iOS. Last month, Pangu (a Chinese team of hackers) released jailbreak software for Apple devices, but under the 9.1 version, which is just an incremental update.

Gospel Herald reports Pangu’s tool release for 9.1 from last month, which means almost five months after the tool for the 9.0.1 version. Forbes, on the other hand, reports that some websites envision another release of a jailbreaking tool for the latest version of the iOS, 9.3.

Looking back, we could see how anxious and in need of an official jailbreak for iOS 9 the users were, and how the Internet helped spread the rumors about all the major releases. Finally, now they might get what they wanted!

9TO5Mac made a report which says that recently, Apple has stopped signing the 9.2.1 iOS version for all the available devices. This is a measure that comes two weeks after they had released the 9.3 publicly and even more recent after releasing the 9.3.1. The 9.3.1 version proved to be really useful, removing some bugs that were really annoying in the initial software.

On the other hand, a report done by MobiPicker shows how the new iOS 9.3 brings up a lot of new features, like for instance the Night thing, an option that reduces the pressure on your eyes in low light conditions simply by adjusting the screen temperature.

Many users have already upgraded to iOS 9.3., which was released in the beginning of this week. It is the most stable version of the software at the time, and this is precisely one of the reasons a jailbreak is much wanted by lots of people.