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Game developer Rockstar has yet to confirm anything about the upcoming sixth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Rumor has it that it is already in the development stage and that there will be an improved gaming experience that naturally comes with new generation consoles.

Not only that but there will be better graphics, more characters to choose from – other than Michael, Trevor and Franklin – and seamless hardware performance from the consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two which are also supposed to be launched sometime in between 2018 and 2020 along with the new GTA.

One of the new characters is supposed to be female and will be voiced by Hollywood actress, Eva Mendez, but Rockstar has mentioned previously that a female character is very unlikely.

It is also rumored that Rockstar has already begun scouting locations outside of the US such as Tokyo in order to satisfy the need to explore that all GTA players have. However, other rumors say that the next GTA will take place in Nevada or Columbia.

GTA fans also hope to be able to utilize the in-game building more in this upcoming sixth part as they were curious about them but were unable to do so because of the limitations posed by the old consoles. The new ones supposedly will not have the same problems.

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