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On April 5, Rockstar opened GTA 5 Online’s Tornado Week and announced that they would release new and exciting content that would delight avid gamers. Tornado Week has ended on April 7.

During the event, Rockstar released the Declasse Tornado, which gamers could buy from Benny’s Original Motor Works and upgrade to their very own Custom Lowrider. The Declasse Tornado is part of the Lowrider Collection, which includes the three cars (Dundreary Virgo Classic, Vapid Slamvan Custom, and Willard Faction Custom Donk) that were released in March. The GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics DLC is said to get two more cars in the future — the Minivan Custom and the Sabre Turbo Custom — which were prematurely revealed in an online discussion by Rockstar Support.

Those who purchased the Declasse Tornado could customize it with hoods, fenders, exhaust, bumpers, hydraulics, roofs, interiors, and other items. The best thing about this was that some of these modifications were sold at a 25 percent discount during Tornado Week, allowing players to personalize their ride without spending too much. (Lowriders clothing as well as certain weapons like the Machete and the Machine Pistol were also sold at a 30 percent discount.) Unfortunately, since Tornado Week has already ended, it seems unlikely that GTA 5 players can still take advantage of these discounts, which means they now have to pay full price to get their car outfitted with new mods.

The Declasse Tornado has been well-accepted by GTA 5 fans, many of whom turned to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites to show off the customizations that they’ve made to the latest Custom Classic Car.

Aside from the new car and discounted mods, Rockstar also introduced a couple of new Sumo maps called Sumo V (which takes place at the docks) and Sumo VI (which focuses on the airport). The developer has given tips to Sumo mode players and pointed out the things that they should look out for, although it’s safe to say that Rockstar has hidden lots of surprises in the Sumo maps and that players will have to find out what these are by themselves.

With Rockstar focusing much of their time and resources of GTA 5, many fans have pointed out that the developer isn’t paying much attention to GTA 6 and that the sequel might not be released soon. However, rumors still abound that the sequel is already in the works and may be released in three years or so. Either way, fans don’t have to worry since they can enjoy the excitement and adventure that GTA 5 offers and look forward to the release of the two new Custom Lowrider cars.