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As we all know, all Android devices come with a default Google Play app which you can use to download all your favorite applications easily, without any concerns. The design is modern yet simple, making your life easier and offering you the possibility to quickly find whatever apps you desire.

But it doesn’t just offer apps. If you want to download books or movies, that’s the go-to place. You can even set up Google Play Store in such a way that you won’t have to remember which apps need updates, because you can set it up to do to it automatically.

Right now, these features have been thoroughly inspected and released in the form of updates, at regular intervals. And one such update has been released yesterday.

The newest version of Google Play Store APK, numbered 6.4.12 has been released just a few hours ago. At the moment, nobody knows what was improved or changed, as there is no change log available.

But we can safely assume that it is just a regular update, in which maybe some bugs had been fixed. Keep in mind that this is a release which calls for keeping the Google Play app updated for it to work properly.

The update works on all devices with Android 4.0+ and weighs 15.07 MB.