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Apple brought back a 4-inch iPhone, which has the components of the iPhone 6S inside a smaller body. Google could take its example and propose its OEMs to build a Nexus Mini. Samsung’s model of inspiration is the Galaxy S7, Motorola would return to its original Moto X, HTC to its One M7, but at the same time, Huawei could trim down its Nexus 6P and LG would make a smaller Nexus 5.

Samsung is a company that can easily adapt to the market’s demands and depending on its fans’ preferences, it creates devices that satisfy all needs. And building the Nexus Mini based on the Galaxy S7 would not be a tough job, as it would have a 4.5-inch screen instead of a 5.1-inch one, and it would be powered by a Snapdragon 820 quad core processor, that has been used by most of the manufacturers for their latest flagships. Also, the main camera would remain the same: 12MP, but with dual-pixel and ultra-fast autofocus.

Motorola did a good impression with its first Moto X, but if it will build the Nexus Mini, it will need to find a way to equip it with the latest Snapdragon processor, because otherwise it will not attract buyers.

The HTC One M7 was also impressive, especially because it was among the first phones that had a beautiful metallic design which made critics to consider it the Android version of Apple’s iPhone. The fans would be pleased if HTC would resurrect the One M7, but to upgrade its internal components and its camera.

Google has collaborated with many known brands. The latest Nexus 6P was created in collaboration with Huawei, which is a phablet with a 5.7-inch screen, which, if it will be trimmed down, it will be a good looking metallic mid-tier smartphone with high end specs and a reasonable price. On the other hand, LG’s Nexus 5 was also appreciated for its aspect and performance, and for its price that was lower than $400. Perhaps LG will reinvent it and will make it a smartphone that will be worth buying.