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The Division: Update 1.1 is the first major patch released for this awesome game, which comes with many changes and tweaks, but also with Incursions, which will be the new missions, that were made especially for the high-rank players.

As we’ve told you in the title of the article, the new update brings gear sets bonuses and special talents and we’re going to explain about them below. Once the update 1.1 is released, each new gear set will come with a unique buff and talent for their chosen class. However, in order to take full advantage of the new perk, all four items of that gear set must be collected and equipped.

Players will be able to get these set pieces from drops, completing the Falcon Lost mission and other assignments. These new sets will allow players to create tanks, assaults and marksman builds.

Below we’re going to list the set bonuses that the new update will come with.

Striker’s Battlegear

– Set Bonus (2 pieces): +20% Energy Armor Damage;
– Set Bonus (3 pieces): 100% Critical Hit Damage;
– Set Bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Shooter.

Every consecutive hit will deal 10% more enemy damage and it stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drop the bonus by 2% and the bonus is also reduced by 1% every second.

Sentry’s Call

– Set Bonus (2 pieces): 30% Head Shot Damage;
– Set Bonus (3 pieces): 20% Damage to Elites;
– Set Bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Stalker.

The headshots will mark the enemy, which will increase the damage inflicted on the target by 15% (for 10 seconds).

Path of the Nomad

– Set Bonus (2 pieces): +50 Scavenging
– Set Bonus (3 pieces): +20% Health on kill
– Set Bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Nomad

When receiving a damage that will hit you, you will be instead healed to full health (this passive skill will occur once every 10 minutes).

Tactician’s Authority

– Set Bonus (2 pieces): +4000 Skill Power;
– Set Bonus (3 pieces): 20% Skill Haste;
– Set Bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Tactician’s Authority.

For every 60k damage that your group will deal, you will receive 1% skill power bonus which can max up to 100%. This bonus is also reduced by 1% every second the group is not doing damage.

The Division: Update 1.1 will be released on April 12, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.