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I like to believe that Facebook users can be divided into two categories: Candy Crush players and non Candy Crush players. As highly addictive as it is adorable, and a true annoyance for non – players on account of the numerous play notification they get, Candy Crush has been a constant success as far as match 3 games go ever since 2012.

But there are many things that might elude the Candy Crush player about their favourite game such as:

CC is the number one most downloaded game in Japan, while in Hong Kong one in seven people play it. Fortunately for the Japanese fans the creators revealed that a sequel is in the making!

According to the guardian, there are about 93 million people playing this game daily. That’s an extraordinary amount of people! And it’s expected to have more players as it conquers Asian markets.

And finally, The CC Saga creators met while working on a dating site. We don’t know how much they would have made from that site but Candy Crush brings them $800,000 a day!