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The most recent Apple iOS 9.3.1 update, launched last week, has proven to be not quite as effective as it was supposed to be even after fixing a major software problem.

Forbes discovered that there was a major security hole pertaining to the update. As it turns out, the software update enables people to access user’s personal information like photos and contacts by using Siri without actually making any obvious attempt at the system’s actual security features. By pulling out info from twitter via Siri, a third party can get direct access to the phone’s contacts and photos.

Apple representatives have stated that they are aware of the problem and will soon fix it.

Other security issues due to the use of Siri were revealed in the past such as bypassing the lockscreen for both PIN and fingerprint security, but according to Apple that has already been fixed.

The YouTube user that posted the videos on how to hack the O.S update has also been requesting Apple to pay hackers to find holes in their security systems in a sort of bug bounty hunt program.

We will update this article with new information as soon as it gets out.