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Microsoft is copying Google and it’s slowly removing Adobe Flash from the internet. This summer, the company will release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and one of the changes targets the Edge browser, which will automatically pause “content not central to the webpage”, a feature that was brought by Google for Chrome in June, last year, with the help of Adobe.

Flash content will be less annoying in Microsoft’s Edge browser, because of the new feature that will disable flash video and animations in ads and other non important content. However, websites that have embedded auto-playing videos won’t have any problem playing them, because this feature won’t affect them. In order to re-enable the option to play flash video and animations, you will just click on the paused content.

Microsoft will bring this feature only to extend battery life on laptops, tablets and smartphones running on Windows 10, because Flash animations and videos are using a lot of memory and put pressure on your CPU. “Users experience improved battery life when sites use efficient web standards, lowering both memory and CPU demands…We will continue to work within the W3C to ensure standards unblock all developers to fully transition away from Flash,” has explained Microsoft in a blog post.

Microsoft is aware that the days of Adobe’s Flash Player will end soon, as more and more websites are ditching it in favor of HTML 5. The company is also suggesting developers to continue to “transition away from Flash and towards open web standards” because of this software’s vulnerability issues that are allowing hackers to take control over infected devices. In the next months, Microsoft will get rid of Flash for good, but until then, it will allow users to control what Flash content they want to see. “We are planning for and look forward to a future where Flash is no longer necessary as a default experience in Microsoft Edge”, has added Microsoft.

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