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Clash Royale, the competitive real time strategy game where each player has three towers, a king tower and a two smaller towers that he/she has to defend, will now feature tournaments as part of the Update developed by Supercell. This had already been achieved by players who had begun to organize small tournaments but Supercell intends to bring effective competition rules to the game.

The developer announced that the studio will create “an easy way to level the playing field”. Thus, Supercell will be making a lot of changes to the tournament rules of its most successful RTS game of this year. The rules for Friendly Battle include King Level Cap 8, Common Level Cap 8, Rare Level Cap 6, Epic Level Cap 3 and Legendary Level Cap 1. Plus, the overtime will be three minutes.

Furthermore, the developer has assured fans that the company will insist on the importance of these rules in the future as they ensure that timing, skills and placement will be that factors that ultimately decide in the competitions.

Along with the added tournaments, the update will also bring the “live spectating” option where users can watch epic battles among fellow players.

As opposed to Clash of Clans, another successful tower defense game, Clash Royale offers players different spells and units that require the elixir to be filled. Those units are used to take down opponents’ towers.

As the update is nearly here, fans better practice their game skills!

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