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In order to offer its users “full ownership over what they share through BBM – even after it leaves their phone”, BlackBerry worked a bit on its messaging app BBM and updated it.

That means that now, users can do what we can only guess that they wished to do for a long time-delete the messages they had sent, even if the other person received them. It can be pretty convenient, especially if the message wasn’t supposed to be sent, or if the sender changed his/her mind about it.

Also, the new update lets the users decide for how long the receiver can keep the message in his phone. These kind of features were available before, but only with a subscription fee.

Matthew Talbot, SVP, BBM, declared that “Building on the renowned immediacy, reliability and security inherent to BBM, the new release provides unmatched level of privacy and control to BBM users without any subscription fees”.

A private chat will also be available for users, in which the names and avatar pictures will be removed. Also, they won’t be able to edit the messages that were already sent. Even more features will be available, such as a powerful voice call quality and support for the latest Android update.

What happens with Facebook?

After Facebook stopped offering its support for several platforms, Lou Gazzola, who is the lead developer outreach declared that he is very disappointed with the situation, but also wrote that “Facebook will continue to support BlackBerry 10 and BBOS. The experience will be slightly different, but you’ll still get the same Facebook features you love”.

He also said that he is very thankful for the fans who continue fighting for BlackBerry, this being the main reason they worked for Facebook to solve a few technical issues, and came to the conclusion that the best step would be to launch a web-based app.

The only problem is that this webbased app doesn’t include previous features, like BlackBerry Hub integration, for example.

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