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Bad news for pokéfans after a report came out that suggested that the company is postponing the development of the highly anticipated Pokémon Z game, in order to focus more on releasing other games belonging to the franchise, “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.”

Although the fans of the aforementioned two games are convinced that the release date is coming up soon, there was no official statement in that sense from the Pokémon Company.

This uncertainty has caused rumors and speculations to spike. This is also due the fact that a release date for the Pokémon Z in the year 2016 has been published on the Nitendo 3DS platform.

The creators of the games have stated that they will feature new creatures, in addition to the old ones. They also released teaser footage of the upcoming game that has left fans disappointed as they were hoping for more details about the gameplay and all of the monsters to be added to the title. But not all fans were disappointed by the footage; some of them were impressed by a “new bird Pokémon” of which they said it seemed to be based on the cardinal bird or a woodpecker.

Hopefully, the company will soon answer all of the questions and pokéfans won’t have to wait for so long to get their hands on all of the three Pokémon games.