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WhatsApp developers have released another Android beta update. The update 2.16.10 uses an additional 27.6MB and betters its performance and fixes bugs. It also includes recently-released features.

Users can get the newest beta update by visiting the Google Play Store. However, they must be signed up for the app’s Beta program. A benefit to using the official Android store for the updates is not having to worry about the Unknown Source option. With it, users will have access to everything that’s new for WhatsApp before other folks.

If using Microsoft Office on the computer, then users are probably familiar with italic, single-line strikethrough and bold formatting. WhatsApp developers have debated using these formatting options themselves. Users can bold a word by placing an asterisk before and after the text (*Good day*). If users want to italicize something, users will need to underscore before and after the phrase (_Good Day__) and for the strikethrough, users will need to use a tilde before and after texts (~Good Day~).

This kind of effect is put into effect the moment users send it to their contacts. These contacts will show up formatted on the app-based chat versions, although they can be used on the Web client too.

WhatsApp developers also brought to life a filmstrip that lets users choose an existing image from the camera to send to friends. Before sending, the image can be edited, cropped or rotated. While it’s considered a minute step, there are more options being considered for the WhatsApp photo editor.

Another worthwhile feature is the document sharing that can be done from Google Drive. This process is done by doing the following Share – Share Document – More – Google Drive.