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Even though transferring files between your Mac and another laptop is pretty simple, sometimes you will need to make the transfer between a Mac and another iOS device, which is significantly harder. Here are 5 ways to do just that:

Use the AirDrop

AirDrop is Apple’s feature that lets you share files between different devices. Make sure you use it to open whatever file you received, and also make sure that the device you send the file to is open. After you open AirDrop on both devices, you will notice that on a Mac you can drag a file over the icon of the device you share the file with, and on the iOS device there will appear a request to open the file.

Keep in mind that not all file formats are shareable, for example the AAC audio files.

Make use of your Email

Possibly the simplest method of transferring files is to send an email to yourself, with the wanted file as an attachment. Compose a new email, attach the file, send it to yourself, and make sure that you use the WiFi when you download it, as it can use up all your internet data, depending on how big it is.

Use Dropbox or any other cloud service

Similar to the email, you can just upload your file on Dropbox and then just open it with the other iOS device. Of course, the type of files you can upload is limited, depending on the apps needed to open them.


You can also use iTunes File Sharing

Files can be added and managed with the help of iTunes File Sharing, and all you need to do is link your Mac with your iOS device, then access the iTunes. Then, you will need to select the device in iTunes, access the apps on the sidebar and go to the File Sharing section. And that’s it!

Keep in mind that in the case of some apps you will also need to click + or Import and select the files you want.

Use Waltr to copy audio or video files

Usually, you can copy these types of files only by accessing your iTunes. But there are cases when you can just purchase Waltr and make your job easier. It can copy ALMOST all types of audio and video files to the desired iOS device and can also convert them when needed. Then, the only thing left to do is just open them on your music or video app of choice.