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Recently, a new Roku Streaming Stick version has been announced. To many people’s surprise, it has lots of updates that make it as good as other high-price comparable products. It costs $50 and it has outputs in HD. One downside would be that it doesn’t stream in 4K like Roku 4 does.

This latest edition is thinner and longer than the previous one. But let’s see a comparison between this Stick and Roku 4 (priced at $130).

Besides the new stick, Roku is also offering a software update for various devices, called Roku OS 7.1. This makes the process of looking for things to watch more easier, since Roku becomes compatible with several channels. This means that both products will offer you access to more than 3,000 channels, which means around 300,000 episodes to watch (movie and TV).

You can connect both devices using a HDMI cable. However, since Roku 4 has a 4K resolution, you will need to connect that one through HDCP 2.2, not regular HDMI. They both support 80.11ac MIMO wireless, but the Stick can’t connect to the 802.11 ac MIMO type of wireless. You will also be able to broadcast personal media files to the TV with the help of the mobile app and even more, you have the Screen Mirroring function for Android and Windows phones.

In both Rokus you will have a quad-core processor, which is enough to support your streaming needs.

Going back to our comparison, what we can definitely say is that Roku 4 is superior in the sense that it has USB ports, Micro SD card ports and Ethernet, which you won’t find on the Stick. Along with the stick you will receive a remote that is way simpler than Roku 4. For instance, you don’t get headphone jack, motion control for gaming, a remote finder or the voice search option.

However, one big advantage the Streaming Stick has is the fact that with the use of the mobile app, you can enjoy the Private listening option.

All in all, the streaming stick is quite a useful device, and even more so if you consider its size. If you think about the price too, it’s a great investment!