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While Pokémon GO rumors are in richer supply than ever and you can find leaks aplenty online, official sources are still the best place to get legitimate, verified news about the game. Therefore, it’s pretty exciting to go through the latest information added to the official page and see what we can find out.

When you have Pokémon GO on your phone, it will vibrate to alert you you’re near a wild Pokémon that can be captured. As the gameplay footage led players to believe, you won’t battle this Pokémon. Instead, you’ll use your phone’s screen to aim, and throw a Poké Ball. Wild Pokémon can run away if you don’t successfully catch them, which wasn’t previously known.

Poké Balls can be obtained at “PokéStops,” which are special locations around the world. Monuments and art installations are given as examples. It’s unclear if this is the only way you obtain Poké Balls or not. PokéStops are also a place where you can find Pokémon Eggs. Just like in the main series, eggs will hatch after you walk with them long enough.

Trainers level up through gameplay, and your level unlocks new things for you. For example, a higher level means you can catch stronger Pokémon and use better Poké Balls, like Great Balls. You can also earn special achievement medals by completing in-game challenges.

Evolution will work differently than in the main series, too. Instead of your Pokémon evolving after it levels up from fighting battles, you’ll get a chance to evolve a Pokémon if you catch that type of Pokémon multiple times.

The page also confirms that there are three teams in Pokémon GO. After you’re part of one of the three teams, you can add your Pokémon to Gym locations, although each player can only set one Pokémon per Gym. This makes the Gym part of your team, and you can challenge other teams’ Gyms. They still haven’t revealed details on how battling itself works, but hopefully we’ll learn more about that soon.

It’s clear Pokémon GO’s gameplay will deviate from the main Pokémon games in many ways. With this new information revealed, are you excited for Pokémon GO or feeling wary?