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In early March, Pangu released its iOS 9.1 jailbreak, nearly five months after it released its iOS 9.0.1 jailbreaking tool. Apple started its beta testing program for the 9.3 update in January, and on March 21, the company released the final version. However, it had a number of serious bugs and a minor update was released a short time later.

Will these updates all jailbreaking teams like Pangu to crack these latest iOS versions?

The update for iOS 9.3.1 had a repair for a bug that caused devices to crash when users tapped on universal links in various applications such as Safari. However, Apple notes there are still other issues and they understand the need to fix them right away.

At this moment, there’s been no change in the log for iOS 9.3.1. on the company’s security updates page, and the vulnerabilities fixed in iOS 9.3 are probably similar to 9.3.1. Therefore, if a jailbreaking tool can be made for iOS 9.3, then one for 9.3.1 is also possible.

Luca Tedesco is an Italian developer who posted a video that proved he’d been successful in jailbreaking the first iOS 9.3 beta. However, he had not mentioned if the tool would be available for the public. Right now, TaiG and Pangu, which are Chinese jailbreaking teams, are working on a jailbreaking solution. As of this moment, they are mum on any details. Not unusual before they release new tools.

Right now, no one knows if any jailbreaking teams are close to breaking the iOS 9.3 or 9.3.1 software. Therefore, if you want to jailbreak your phone, don’t upgrade. Keep whatever version you have and wait until the newest jailbreak is made available to the public. If you have updated, you may have the ability to downgrade back to an earlier iOS software version.