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When talking about Minecraft Story Mode, we can safely say that it’s a great example of how game developers manages to engage kids in this new type of media called neo-novella.

Think of neo-novellas like the old-fashioned short stories, but in an interactive and animated mode, which is why children are so attracted to them. However, it’s not a game as such. It represents a great move in this cultural direction of the brand.

There has been lots of talking regarding this rise of the digital media that is alienating the user from the old media. In this context, Story Mode appeals more to the parents, since it resembles more the classical text narrative, with its story and characters, than a game.

This new type of narrative is not such a surprise, since it has been done before (see Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead), but what is interesting is that this shape helps parents, for instance, relate to the product they receive.

Compared to other developers that tried to do this, Minecraft Story Mode isn’t tied up to the initial story play. They can use their imagination and create new adventures and narratives for players. However, we should underline again the fact that Story Mode isn’t exactly Minecraft, but a game based on it, which favors more the YouTube followers than the initial game used to.

Story Mode represents a shift from the personal creativity and mini games (which might be a reason for worry for the parents) to a pre-set narrative game. We will have to see if this Story Mode will attract children and distract them from playing too much games online, not to forget that it’s another way to make some profit for the owners.