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It wasn’t that long ago that Version 0.14.1 was released for Minecraft Pocket Edition, and now the newest update has come. Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.1 is now live for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone versions of the game.

Update 0.14.1 mainly brings minor changes to the game, as it has fixed bugs present in the 0.14.0 version. However, it also includes one bigger addition: a set of 27 Story Mode skins to let players “assemble your own team of legendary adventurers.” To accompany these skins, a free map with a Story Mode theme is also available for you to test your survival skills against new challenges.

These 27 skins are all based on characters from Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode adventure game. Telltale’s storytelling style felt like an odd match for Minecraft when it was first announced, but many fans have reacted positively to it and should be pleased to see their favorite characters now available in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

As part of a special promotion, the skin pack is temporarily for iOS and Windows Phone users. Unfortunately, Mojang reported that they are not allowed to make the skin pack free on the Android version, although they didn’t explain what the exact problem is. However, they made it available for the lowest possible price, which some Android Minecraft players have said is 10 cents.

This deal applies only to the first week that the skin pack is available. You’ll be able to pick up the 27 Story Mode-themed skins for free or 10 cents until April 12. After that, it will cost $2.99 to get the full pack, although some of the skins will still be free.

It’s disappointing that players who use Android can’t get the skin pack for free like other players can, but it’s still nice to see 27 new skins added to the game.

Some users have reported new bugs emerging with 0.14.1, but Mojang should take care of that soon if it does become a problem.

If you’ve upgraded Minecraft Pocket Edition to 0.14.1, let us know if you’ve noticed anything unusual. And if you’ve picked up the (mostly) free skin pack, share your thoughts on the new Minecraft skins in the comments below.

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