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A majority of older folks remember a round ball that was fastened onto a stand, and by spinning it, would show them the various places on Earth. It wasn’t uncommon, as a child, to spin the ball with the index finger pointing outwards to see where it would land when the ball stopped turning.

This device – what appears to be an outdated mode of learning – was known as a “Globe”.

In the past, the globe was regarded as the best way to understand how the Earth looked. Today, users have Google Earth – a far more unique tool that lets people see the world without ever leaving their home. In fact, it’s extremely effective and efficient.

Google Earth has been useful for large businesses and educational organizations, helping them to track, find and watch various regions with real-time information.

What Makes Google Earth So Worthwhile?

Since Google Earth was first established, there have been an array of changes. Today, users can use the Pro features of Google Earth for no money at all. The $399 offering has become free for all users. Who would benefit from using Google Earth?

Google Earth isn’t like the globes you grew up with. Thanks to the creative engineers and developers, the program is useful for an array of activities. It allows users to do more than look for a particular location in the world.

There are three key ways in which people can use Google Earth:

The Golden Hour

This Google Earth feature lets people track the sun’s movements during the day. This is a great tool for photographers that need to get the perfect image and need the right natural lighting.

Weather Predictor

Google Earth allows users to use another tool besides the weatherman to get their weather. With real-time satellite information and picture, you’ll know if natural disasters are imminent, allowing users to take immediate precautions.

Google Follow Your World

The Google Follow Your World features lets users get the most current videos and pictures of locations they’ll be headed to. With this feature, users can make plans about their vacations and other destinations.

Some Last Thoughts

Engineers and developers are making use of Google Earth to come up with upcoming projects.  If you’re not sure if Google Earth is for you, check it out first and go from there. It’s going to be one of the most engaging technological advances you’ve ever used.

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