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WhatsApp will end support for Nokia by the end of 2016, but until that will happen, the developers will still release updates for this application. The last update for Nokia is 2.16.9 and it can be installed on smartphones running on S60, and can be installed from the internet, but it’s in beta phase and it may come with bugs.

WhatsApp is now the most used application in the word, having 1 billion active users spread across all supported versions, but the developers are focusing on improving mostly the Android and iOS version, which are receiving new features very often. After the yearly fee of $0.99 was removed, more people were tempted to register to WhatsApp in order to chat with their friends, but not all features that were brought to Android and iOS are available for Nokia.

WhatsApp 2.16.9 is in beta phase, but it comes only with minor fixes for bugs found in the previous version, and the SIS file can be downloaded from the internet. There aren’t many known details about this update, but it’s better to install it on your Nokia device, because you will notice a small performance improvement.

The Voice Calling feature may never arrive on this version and we’re guessing that the developers will focus only on fixing bugs, instead of adding new features. After downloading the SIS file to your phone, you will need to follow some on-screen instructions in order to install this beta update, but we can’t guarantee you that the application won’t contain other bugs. Hopefully, they will be fixed until the stable version will be released.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, then you already know that the application has received end-to-end encryption, which will prevent hackers from having access to your conversations, because the recipient will be able to read the message using a key that will unlock it.